Purna Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Mums & Bubs Yoga

Yoga Story, Snack and Savasana

Family Yoga

Yoga and Pilates Strength


Physical Health

  • Improve your flexibility
  • Increase your core, upper body and lower body strength
  • Ease into exercise
  • Complement your higher intensity exercise or sport

Mental Health

  • Focus your mind
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Create wellbeing and calm
  • Combat anxiety and depression

What classes involve:

  • Controlled breathing
  • Concentration
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Relaxation
  • Alignment and therapeutic based postures

Purna Yoga

including Before Bed Yoga and Yoga For Empowerment

Participants in Miranda’s yoga classes, based on the Purna (Integrated) Yoga style, can anticipate they will lighten the heart, calm the mind and energise the body. The alignment focussed instruction is guided by the breath with atmospheric music and the abilities and goals of participants. A key yoga principal is to be kind to yourself and your body, which provides the foundation for this practice with Miranda.


“Purna Yoga represents a holistic approach to yoga integrating not just the physical postures but also philosophy, meditation, pranayama breath control and the yogic personal and social code of ethics. The postural instruction is alignment focused. Sequences range from gentle restorative to dynamic. Blocks, belts and bolsters [on hand] to support and modify postures safely.” – Byron Bay Yoga Centre 


Kickstart’s offerings will grow organically with your needs. Purna Yoga is adult-focused and also perfect for older teens looking to move and destress. More experienced practitioners are most welcome, but the general classes are catering especially for those with limited or no experience in yoga. With your doctor’s approval, and with modifications and options provided throughout the class, many medical conditions can be catered for and the participant supported in their health.


Tuesday nights – ‘Before Bed Yoga’ – perfect for those who want to create more freedom of movement in their bodies, with options for injury or the more advanced.

NEW Monday night classes – ‘Happy Hour Yoga’ – awesome if you’re on a budget (login to see this deal pop up) or want an earlier time, with options for injury or the more advanced. The perfect Kickstart for beginners, too! 

Morning classes –  ‘ Yoga For Empowerment’ – are more active purna flow to energise.  Look out for them during the warmer months!

See ‘Restorative Yoga’  (8:15pm Thursdays) if you need an incredibly gentle and restorative practice. 


Experience classes during term-time. Mondays 5:45pm or Tuesdays 8:15pm. (60 min)


“As you relax, breathe and soften into the supportive props in each pose, it feels so blissfully passive …” Ana Davis


This is truly a class for everyone who is willing to allow themselves the time to rest and restore their body and mind, to pre-empt ….. Perfect for those who can just barely get out of bed to the experienced yoga practitioner or athlete.


Most significantly, this restorative practice calms the central nervous system, taking the depleted participant from a fight or flight mode to a rest and digest focus. In doing so, and through the careful selection and sequencing of postures and breathing practices, it may help physical and mental burnout, post-operative recovery, women’s health, depression and anxiety, obesity, asthma, diabetes, and stress related conditions such as headaches, Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Suitable for all adults and older teens. Classes cater for pre and post natal, illness, injury and disability.


Experience classes during term-time. Thursdays 8:15pm. (60 min). 


This is such a unique time for every mother-to-be and her growing being.  Bond with the bub in your bump, connect to your feminine energy, ease aches and pains, and explore ways to ride the waves of emotion and exhaustion. Explore your vulnerabilities, draw on your strengths, feel confident and relaxed. You’ll strengthen, contain, release and relax the body and mind during this miraculous time of transition. Share the space with others on their journey. Catering for medical conditions specific to pregnancy, and pre-existing injuries.


14+ weeks gestation


Book a group or advise when booking purna & restorative yoga.


Connect with your body and your baby. Gently build strength and safely explore your mobility. Refresh yourself and find energy in a judgement-free zone. Explore movement, breath and sound with your little person.


Share the space with others who’ve been alive more than a few months – and with these special little ones, too.


Feed bub as needed during the class – enjoy being mindful of your posture, breathing and settling with your baby. Facilities for changing. No stairs.

Ages 10 weeks to non-crawling or Ages crawling to two years.


Keep an eye out for ‘pop-up’ classes on the time-table. (45 min)


For the Tiny, Fit and Flexible & their carers

Be ready to feel revitalised, refreshed and relaxed with your tiny child/ren. They’ll leave having felt creative, confident, compassionate and calm. Tiny ones are so much fun – inhibitions and fears fall by the wayside in exchange for giggles, energy and giving their all until it’s time for rest and relaxation.


Take 30 minutes to share and really connect with your child, their learning and your own breath. We use a children’s book to inspire our yoga practice together, including relaxation, then the kids break to the side for a byo snack while parents enjoy some of their own savasana (relaxation).

Ages 2 – 5 years. Parents are encouraged to participate (and bubs are welcome). Byo snacks as per kindy/school guidelines – allergy friendly, health friendly, spill friendly. Indoors, welcoming, matted floors and lots of fun. All props provided. Super pram friendly. Craft / homework/grass space zone for older, independent, quiet workers. Limited places available. Minimum 4 participants, max 10. 


Keep an eye on the timetable for ‘pop-up’ classes. (30min each)  

[$15 first child, $5 additional children in the same immediate family]


Sometimes we feel like we’re scheduled to the max fitting everything into life with kids, and managing so many things – work, homework, school, sports, school productions. Family Yoga is a beautiful time to be together and bond, to use energy and to energise, to rest and strengthen the body, heart and the most important relationships in our lives. Know that you’re encouraging an active life, and instilling coping strategies to experience life with filled with joy, kindness and compassion.

Look out for workshops on the event page or book a group, private or a request regular class. (45 min)


If you are fortunate not to be experiencing injury, and you’re not presently pregnant, you’ve practiced some yoga before, this class could be prefect to extend your abilities. Use Pilates to help mix up your practice, and focus on some of the more active postures and practices of yoga to help you build strength and fire up your metabolism. The joy of yoga is that you’ll still score a boost in your mobility at the same time.

This class is adult-focused and perfect for older teens looking to move and destress, but all ages who can focus for 60 minutes and who have a basic level of strength are welcome to participate. 


Book a group, private or request a regular class.