Personal Training and Private Sessions

Personal Training with Miranda is an excellent way to help keep you accountable, motivated and reach your goals faster. Or maybe you need a personalized schedule. Miranda is not a ‘tough love’ trainer. She doesn’t yell; she does direct, guide and encourage. She’ll help empower you to find your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Ask about combining yoga and fitness classes with your PT sessions to create a specialized pack and a rounded approach to fitness.

Why not check out some of the reviews from clients or see the frequently asked questions below?

Is Personal Training with Miranda the right fit?

What do Personal Training sessions with Miranda involve?

We’ll mix up your workouts each session, working with what you can enjoy and what you need to reach your specific goals. With Miranda’s varied expertise, you can hone in on one aspect of your health and fitness or learn self-defense to feel safer before an overseas trip … The options are endless.

What hours are you available to train me and how long do I have to use the passes?

Times vary, dependent on the day of the week, but are consistent for each term. Options start 5:30am and sessions end at 9:15pm.  You’ll book in a regular spot and give 24 hours notice for cancellation.

Currently, there are ‘pop-up’ appointments available during school hours; book in on the day – if Miranda is available, she’ll train you!

You have a full 6 months to use your PT passes, but it’s recommended that you condense your sessions in the shortest time-frame that is convenient for you in order to reach your goals sooner.

Where are the sessions held?

Due to high demand for onsite offerings at the Kickstart homebase, Miranda no longer travels for individual sessions; however, if you arrange a group of people at your home for a few hours of personal training (see suggestions below) Kickstart will travel to you at your home or workplace – ask about how you can practice for free!

Kickstart is a home-based business in South Toowoomba, near the Toowoomba City Golf Club. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the large, welcoming private facility. 

I’m interested, but now what?

Miranda is more than happy to answer any remaining questions you might have before you commit and she’s keen to speak about your goals and needs!



    • YOGA and MOBILITY – beginners’ and to aid your favourite sport.
    • RESTORATIVE YOGA – sooth your nervous system to improve the health of body and mind
    • PRE or POST NATAL YOGA – embrace your journey surrounding pregnancy, however it may be for you.
    • ABK MUAY THAI – beginners’ for precision and fitness
    • ANDERSON BUSHI KAI– learn the basics and train in similar styles like Zen Do Kai with confidence
    • ITF TAEKWON-DO – beginners and top-up lessons – maybe your child has trained before and wants to polish up their skills when starting back with a Club or to help their home practice or wants a taster before taking up a membership locally.
    • KRAV MAGRA and SELF-DEFENCE – beginners’ and women’s.
    • FUNCTIONAL PERSONAL TRAINING – core strength, body weight exercises, vibration platform training, light resistance training ….
    • MASSAGE – Part of a holistic approach to health and wellness
    • NUTRITIONAL TIPS – tips on clean-eating, timing your nutritional intake, and how to stay on track. There’s no cost for this – it can feel tough improving your health so this support is just part of any package.