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Traditionally, yoga asana (postures) had been used to aid practitioners to sit in meditation for more extended periods. Meditation is becoming well known as an aid for stress, anxiety and depression, through its effect on the central nervous system. Regular mediation can help create changes in the brain over time and improve outcomes for health conditions and mental health. 

During these sessions, we work with some simple practices to help the mind and body. It will included a mixture of seated meditation (use the padded floor, or chairs and props are provided), supine/supported practice (lying down), breath awareness practices, breath control practices and guided meditation. You will always determine what options you wish to take.

Keep an eye out for workshops on the Events page.  180 min. $60 each. 

Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness

Bring Meditation and Mindfulness to your workplace to improve wellbeing (or bring your employees ad colleagues to Kickstart homebase).

Depression, anxiety and stress-related illness are increasingly prevalent in today’s world, taking their toll on our nervous system function and immune systems. Help reduce sick-leave by taking a proactive approach to wellness. Teachers, this could be a beautiful professional development opportunity with techniques chosen which are simple enough for you to pass on to your students, too.