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All offerings are small in size with times to cater for busy lives and run during term time with special holiday offerings. They start from 5:30am (during warmer months) and finish at 9:15pm. Or book a private lesson. The regular workshop events and term-time classes are accessible for participants from prenatal and children to over 70s. Classes are held regularly for community and charity to share positive well-being.

  • Classes and privates are 30 minutes, 45 and 60 minutes depending on the class type.  Simply arrive 5 minutes prior to your booking.
  • See the detailed descriptions via the icons on the home page for each class or click the classes tab at the top of any page.
  • See Policies for What to Wear and What to Bring. Hint – it’s straightforward! Make sure to check our Cancellation Policies, too; it’s to benefit the Kickstart community.
  • If you would like an option not currently timetabled, please express your interest on the contact page.


Prices vary. See the events page or view the calendar and booking system below.

KIDS CLASSES (approx 6-12 children)

Nimble Ninjas Holiday Multi-Day Workshop ($99 per child) Term packs ($99 per term of 9 weeks).

Yoga Story, Snack and Savasana  Pop-Up Term-time and Holiday Workshops ($15 first child, $5 additional children)

SMALL-GROUP CLASSES (approx. 4-8 people. 10 max)

Valid until end of term (e.g. up to 10 weeks) unless otherwise specified.

Can be used for any mix of class types. e.g. not just yoga.

  • 3 Class Pass – New Student Kickstarter Pass       $39        ($13 per class)    * new students
  • 1 Class Pass – Returning Casual Booking              $22        ($22 per class)  
  • 10 Class Pass – Casual Booking                                 $200      ($20 per class)   * valid for 12 mths
  • SPECIAL 10 Class Pass – 10 Weeks of Monday Yoga  $130 ($13 per class)   * valid 5:45pm Happy Hour Yoga – Mondays only
  • 10 Class Pass – Ideal for 1x Weekly Booking        $170       ($17 per class)                
  • 20 Class Pass – Ideal for 2 x Weekly Booking      $300      ($15 per class)  
  • 30 Class Pass – Ideal for 3 x Weekly Booking      $390      ($13 per class)  
  • 40 Class Pass – Ideal for 4 x Weekly Booking     $520      ($13 per class)    * and 1 x free PT


Any combination. 6 month expiry. 2nd adult/child is free to attend with you (split cost if desired).

Investment in 30 minute private Sessions.

  • 10 sessions. $400 ($40 per session).
  • 20 sessions. $740 ($37 per session)
  • 30 sessions. $1050 ($35 per session) e.g. Share your sessions with a friend for just $525 per person for 30 sessions!

Investment in 45 minute private Sessions.

  • 10 sessions. $525 ($52.50 per session).
  • 20 sessions. $990 ($49.50 per session).
  • 30 sessions. $1410 ($47 per session).

Investment in 60 minute private Sessions.

  • 10 sessions. $700 ($70 per session).
  • 20 sessions. $1340 ($67 per session).
  • 30 sessions. $1950 ($65 per session).